I almost believe in love

Call me a Romantic if you will—

     if you must

Call me whatever you choose


As if a label matters

romantic or otherwise

I try to believe in love

but never having been there

I can not really be sure


The passions seem possible

melting together in a pure grasp

of divine rapture and ecstasy

yeah, it does seem to be

not entirely impossible


I might be able to love

They say my heart is huge

They say I possess compassion

and deep sensitivity

and a capacity for passion and trust


but I might believe were it not

for the perpetual defeatism—

the losses, the crushing defeats

all the bad luck that strikes—

tears me down to the ground


I almost believe in love

in spite all the disappointment

in spite all the rejection

I almost believe in love

in spite all contrary evidence


I almost believe in love

Almost out of sheer stupidity—

a factor not yet considered

It does warrant consideration

as possible explanation—

I suppose it could be it


I believe I try to believe

because it’s such a desirable thing

and it would be a good fate

I think I’ll probably always

almost believe in love

until it’s finally proven true or false








Author's Notes/Comments: 

written in the early 90's when I was still a naive dreamer. . .

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