Becoming Canadian

For Print 2
Rejoice, Your Majesty!
hire a jester, a circus, a singer
for you have acquired in your service
yet another trigger happy finger
and even though this one happens to be brown
there shall be nary a blemish on your shiny crown
for to be forever faithful, I did take the oath
no matter how it made my colonial soul loath
oh how it made the heart fume and seethe
while I said the very words through gritted teeth
as I kept my mind focused on the prize
never once letting it escape my eyes
that piece of paper issued in your name
and even though I find monarchy, a concept lame
your passport is mighty, that much is true
what’s a poor colonial to do?
if one wishes to travel the world unchallenged, unfettered
to her Majesty’s royal bosom, one must choose to remain tethered
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Thanks for poem 1. Canada has

Thanks for poem

1. Canada has no government murder called execution...

2. It is less involved in illegal and immoral violent wars

3. It gives health care to all its citizens

4. It has cheaper drug prices (GOP senators arranged that it was forbidden

  for our Medicare to negotiate for lower prices with drug cos.)


1. Canada needs to cancel the seal hunt

2. stop bulldozing many square miles for tar sands oil

3. stop inviting hunters in from US and world to murder

   innocent wildlife




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Thank you. Canada also needs

Thank you. Canada also needs to stop pretending it's still a colony with a distant queen in charge.