The Present

Here I am

in the now

reflecting as I often do.

My whole life in review.

I analyze the patterns,

the themes, 

categorize and prioritize

the things I have need to clean, 

to purge, and even treasure

for what would seem eternity

(at least the way I am

in the now


As I filter through

layers of debris

the truth I am finding

is that LOVE is what defines me. 

In the words of many,

including a song by MC Yogi,

"Only love is real,"

is the truth that sets us free. 

God is love

and even on the flip side

love is hate, pain, and

even the reason why we become numb.

It's for love of our parents, 

for love of others, 

for love of self,

is from where 

all of our living comes. 

The choices we make,

the way our lives are shaped, 

the experiences we live through

and the things that we crave, 

whether shaped by love

or the lack thereof, 

it all stems from the same. 

Love is living in truth, 

even if it doesn't feel great, 

because the truth guides us to

the proper path and way we need to take

to live in the highest version 

of our respective incarnations

in this plane. 

Love is working 

through the now, 

and accepting what IS

for all we have known thus far,

yet trusting Love to take us

from where we want to be

to where we are,

as designed by the truth of our hearts. 

Love is letting go 

of controlling the outside world

while controlling our actions

enough to further align with

what's within, 

the paradox of

detaching from the now

while still loving what is

in the present.

For as we do our best 

to live in the highest truth, 

we love and allow love to

ripple through the world 

transforming the broken

into something beautiful and new. 

Across space and time, 

the frivolous falls away, 

the love we feel and know in our hearts

in the now

forever remains.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you know, you know. 

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allets's picture


I think you got all the contemporary ones and a few Greeks - God lives, to be is to (fill in the blank), good luck and love are found in Janus concepts  and coin tosses and in fortune cookies. The Bible and The Holy Koran, the Vedas, and The Dao De Jing/Tao Te Ching  are all more than two thousand years old and pretty anachronistically read and challenged writes. Someone should write a new religious text - combining all holy writings, edited by a language scholar, condensed by a poet laureate, and edited by Disney - to contemporize belief systems. Or not. :D Lady A




g3nevi3ve's picture

Thank you!

Merci beaucoup, Allets!


I wrote this with the parable of the blind men and the elephant in mind, as it happens to be an ever present thought about reality as it is perceived. 


Only NOW is real. The records of the past are but echoes and memories that bring us to where we currently stand in the now. 


A good and well-loved friend of mine imparted upon me the reminder of the illusion in which we live in and how what is true is within. In some way, all religions teach this if one reads between the lines. 


As another once said, religion requires Spirit, but Spirit doesn't require religion... and then I looked within and realized that this statement was just reminding me of a truth I'd always understood from a young age. 


And at the end of it all, the truest gift we ever receive from Spirit is the ability to love, and in the various forms of love, we are blessed with a glimpse of the essence of the Divine, somewhere along its broad spectrum of how that love is translated. 


That said, I guess my friend was right in stating that once we look into ourselves, everything else fades away and we are left with nothing but the truth, and as they say, the truth/ love sets us free. 



Pungus's picture

Good write

Beautiful absolutely,  one alas Loving poet hides forever. Her Happiness be struck within a glass. How do I snap these fingers? How do I empathize with ye? Forsooth I'd love to arrange, O arranging flowers bunches of painfully sequent invitingly enchant. Good write.

g3nevi3ve's picture

Thank you, good sir.

*bows in gratitude*