Of The Earth

Wayward Motions

There he stands amidst falling snow

He whispers my name on a cold

          Southern breeze;

          Calling me home,

          Calling me to his grave

His viridian eyes beckon me;

permeates my heart and like the air

rises up to an eternal dawn

I need shelter from my cold dark storm

He offers the warmth I've never known

          The skyglass shatters

          The earth opens

          I take a step

Forward future hope moves my still heart;

Palpitating on my lips.

Deep within, beyond the debris of my

blackened mortality a thread of light

          Still exists

Of the earth he makes his home and

invites me in for how long I do not know

His voice lingers like a scent and

further I am drawn into a world

          of Warmth and Decay

          of Beauty and Macabre

          of Flesh and Bone

         ~Entwined Forever~

Or until I awake from this unerring dream.

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