Wayward Motions

Active Ingredient:  Enlightenment

Warnings:     May cause misunderstandings, heartache, and gas

Directions:   Apply directly to the Soul

Scented soft satin
subtle subdued symptons;
The Precursors.
Teach me to understand
Open my eyes and lead
Me to the Promise Land.
I have waited a thousand years and still have
time left to spare.
Oh hear me, oh hear me!
What are these birthright eyes for
if not to encompass Everything?
What is my mind for
if not to Experience Unconditionally?
Latex tempos and bondage beats,
Leather tunes and fishnet melodies,
Ah! Not so subtle, not so subdued-
The freckled girl comes unglued.
Her passions are fierce but her
foundations are weak,
Her satin soul seeks solace
but can't afford to treat it.

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The 1st 3 Lines

form a perfect poem - the spacing makes no sense ~a~