In Philly, you generally get the option of the CityWide.  This is a means for one to catch a buzz without breaking the bank.  It started off as a 16 oz. can of PBR with a shot of whiskey.  It was usually some rotgut whiskey.  It was always best not to ask.  You didn’t need to know.  Then other venues began to add their own twist.  The legendary Trestle Inn created the Trestlewide—a can of Yuengling Lager and a shot of Evan Williams whiskey.  A couple craft oriented bars used a shot of Old Granddad with a couple or draft of Founder’s Solid Gold Lager.  Bridgewater’s created the Love Citywide—a 16 oz can of Love City Lager with a shot of Old Granddad.  Others used Miller High Life with a shot of Seagrams.  The result was a way to grab that cheap buzz.  It is Philly after all.  One thing you know is people are trying to get tanked and they’re often unwilling to loosen the purse strings


only pocket change

but never any worries

Citywide saves day




Author's Notes/Comments: 

a lesson on the rich history of my hometown city

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