They were protesting and parading around Rue St. Denis and Rue St Catherine.  They were beating on drums and chanting their anarchist slogans.  The signs they wielded proclaimed the horrors of our society.  This was Anarchy French Canadian style on their afternoon march.  The local businesses seemed a bit dismayed although a few waitresses and bartenders commiserated with the cause.  I was just sitting there finishing my beer knowing that I needed to get through the crowd to move on to my next destination.  I figured I would just treat the anarchist parade like a conga line and get off when I got closer to my destination.  I figured if the gendarmes stopped me I would plead ignorance.  Desoleé, Je suis un bette Americain.  It seemed like a good plan.


marching with a cause 

or even without said cause

they raise a ruckus


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