Emptiness bottled would no doubt fetch a fair price.  Some existential fool would be dim enough to buy it.  “There’s a sucker born every minute.” to quote P.T. Barnum.  Mencken had a few choice words about it.  We’re going to bottle emptiness. We’ll design a fancy design to etch onto the brightly colored bottles in which we store the emptiness. It’s bound to make a fortune.  Nothingness finally distributed in user friendly containers.  The product to sell is always the one that everybody already has.


Emptiness bottled

Camus overcame the plague

to finish the job


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American politicians sell us bottles of emptiness every day

 . . . . and we buy them.   ---    Stephen

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and rebottle them and resell

and rebottle them and resell them again and again.  thanks for dropping by