I was always a defensive player so my mindset was always focused on brutalizing the sissy skill position players.  I had that mindset of a linebacker.  One year, I had a bloody nose that lasted the entire season.  Every practice, every game, the wound would get opened up.  It was awesome.  I would be in the defensive huddle with blood all over my face exhorting the lads to buck up.  My behavior toward quarterbacks was downright uncivil bordering on criminal.  An every day citizen would go to jail for doing the things I did to quarterbacks.  But it was always just a game.  I’m gonna clothesline the tight end and knee the QB in the groin and then go write an inspirational poem about it.


Angry linebacker

harboring a poet’s soul

in spite the carnage


a gladiator in verse

wiping blood and sweat from brow




Author's Notes/Comments: 

based on a true story with the slight embellishment that comes with age.

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