It was raining but they had tents set up out back for a Cinco de Mayo feté.  Margaritas were flowing but I opted for a Modelo Especial.  There was a mariachi band playing “Pretty Woman” before settling back to traditional Mexican songs.  I was digging the band and noticing how much Mexican folk music is influenced by the Germans.  I guess it was an Austrian outpost at one point.


A couple chicken tacos complement the cerveza.  It’s still drizzling and breezy but the mariachi band is caliente.  Sadly, they finish up their set.  It appears they are leaving.  Suddenly a DJ is playing that paragon of traditional Mexican music:  Missy Elliott.  Okay but I prefer conjunto.


A quick glance about the area reveals mainly white folk and Asian Indians dancing to rap music.  I guess the Indians are passing today.  It looks like the St. Patrick-ification of the Mexican quasi holiday.  How many people here even know about the Battle of Puebla?  I suppose there are limits to how big a deal can be attached to merely whipping the French in battle.


There’s still dance music being played.  I liked the Mariachi band better.  A little Norteno or Ranchera would complement the taco much better.  It continues to drizzle.  It’s a rather raw day.  I don a sombrero to take a selfie.  Now I’m part of the commercialization.  Perhaps it’s time to leave.


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Happy Cinco De Mayo

Those are great celebrations in Southwest Detroit annually. Haven't been in years. Maybe next year :D slc



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I'm just hoping the mariachi

I'm just hoping the mariachi band plays longer next year.