It is lovely being about to go to the beach of the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv.  They have a promenade you can walk along to reach the ancient port city of Jaffa.  The promenade runs about a mile or two.


The juxtaposition is beautiful!  Ultramodern Tel Aviv and ancient walled city of Jaffa sitting side by side.  You can go from Midtown Tel Aviv to B.C. Jaffa in about 20 minutes.  It was a stroll I felt morally compelled to take.


I strolled along.  A lot of people were enjoying the beach on a warm 80 degree day.  There were swimmers, sunbathers, fishermen and even a couple Muslim women laying on a towel on the sand wearing burkas.  Wearing a burka to the beach seems to defeat the purpose of going to the beach but I suppose that’s none of my business.


The city of Jaffa is interesting.  There’s all the old buildings and the narrow alleyways. They advertise Andromeda’s rock as a tourist attraction.  This is from Greek mythology.  You can see the actual rock where Andromeda was chained.  The Ancients tied her to offer as sacrifice to the Kraken.  Of course, Perseus comes booking in at the last minute wielding Medusa’s severed head to ossify the beast.  What chica wouldn’t dig you after that?


It’s now a tourist attraction.  The tour guide will delighted to point it out for you.  Bring your imagination because it’s just a rock sticking out of the sea.  Sometimes it sports an Israeli flag but it’s not all that impressive.


I think what they should do is provide you with a shot of Kraken rum as you pass.  You can do the shot when the tour guide points out the rock.  The thrill of seeing Andromeda’s rock will be shorter lived than the buzz from the rum.


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This Is Funny

Kraken rum - yes! (but I gave up alcohol for the New Year). It's just a rock :D



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just a rock but sometimes

just a rock but sometimes with a flag posted.  Maybe we should put a Kraken rum flag on the rock.