“Girl from Ipanema”

plays on sound system

at Dirty Frank’s


I’m drinking

a beer from Yuengling

and tossing down

a shot 

of I don’t know what

gifted to me

from an old timer


I’m glancing at

a Simpsons pinball machine

and decades old etchings

on the side of the bar


It’s been

a rather pleasant afternoon

so far


The old timer is 

rambling on

about some such shit.


some will say

you can’t complain

but believe me you, 

I will try.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a chance visit to an old classic haunt

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I Need A Classic Haunt

All in N.Y., Port Huron, Florida, and Detroit. New haunts on Lake St Clair. Time to visit Wayne and U of D campuses and stroll the quad and the mall. ~s~



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This is one of the bars in

This is one of the bars in Philly that allegedly ran as a speakeasy during Prohibition.  I can't confirm that but some of the decor seem old enough for it to be true.