real men don’t listen to opera

or at least 

I hear it’s that way

real men don’t cry

or acquiesce to housework

not at all

a real man will not wear perfume

these things are certain

a real man won’t 

get caught doing the dishes

or drinking fuzzy navels

or sipping herbal tea

real men don’t wear pink shirts

real men don’t cultivate

flowers in a garden

real men can’t tolerate

romance novels & candlelight

& it goes without say

real men don’t ever ask directions

real men don’t go to the ballet

& the library is a place

for sissy boys not real men

can’t be too wimpy

real men don’t eat sushi

that’s too squishy

real men don’t drink lite beer

and real men don’t believe in foreplay

real men never write poetry

using a pink pen

real men never ever

write any form of poetry

and it would seem to me

a lot of these real men

will die of ulcers before 55

after leading an empty life

utterly without passion or love.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this one back in August of 1993.  It was buried between a few prose works.

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