It is difficult

to get stoned for prophecy

these days


Those who fear enlightenment

merely relegate

to ridicule & mock

the visionaries of the day


the chance for martyrdom

fully denied


the frayed pages


to fall from the binder

and democratize poetry


but falling off

and swimming

to the carpet in my room 

covered with ashes

from the lit matches


potpourri purple incense

lends a a fragrant voice

to a snowy December eve

with moonglow off the snow;

winter has called early


but visitors were denied

as the night sky filled 

with plummeting flakes


back out onto frozen roads

asphalt slick with ice

I fight the temptation

to walk outside barefoot


nothing like curling toes

gripping to slushy snow

and feeling the dampness

of the soaking flakes

melting on my t-shirt




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I Admit

I am a mocker of visionaries - I am beginning to embrace the fact that the corporeal and solidly existing is all there is. Meditation is for muscle relaxation and nothing else. See, mocking :D  - slc




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ashes to ashes all fall down

ashes to ashes all fall down