Getting high

watching a Flyer’s game

after an afternoon spent

reading Simon Wiesenthal


and debates over forgiveness

are subjugated 

for the bloodlust inspired

by the hockey game


Like a Viking drinking mead

I suppose

I present an imposing figure

when I’m all tanked up


and it doesn’t cut 

a very pretty picture

in spite my romanticizing

of cold Barbaric behavior


and the membership

in Amnesty International

or Partners in Conscience

don’t amount to shit


Many will chastise my effort

or lack thereof

and put down this gesture

of cowardly escapism


but that is the price

we pay for such acclaim

and poet has never been

a very easy handle


I try to live up to snuff 

but it doesn’t seem 

to ever work out that way

in real life.






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Real Time Write

This is what happened on the way from the forum, while there, and before arrival - kinda :D ~Lady A~



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real life and real time have

real life and real time have always been a drag on the creative process.