Those lysergic salad day 

are long, long gone

but the memories

and delusions persist


The chaos and madness

that permeated those days

ecstatically dancing

in Fairmount Park;

perfect silhouettes 

atop the bleachers of the Greek


melting into paintings

by Dali & Van Gogh

& scribbling mad notes

with crayons and markers

on brick walls and cardboard boxes


The perimeters expanded and contracted

like the effortless breathing

of a Zen Yoga guru

and we nearly dashed

over the precipice


The tie dyed colours ble

and discordant sounds

eventually found harmony.


I’d like to think

a little wisdom was attained

but that remains to be seen.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

easy enough to figure out.  not that I'm boasting or anything.

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Salad Dayz

"nearly dashed over the precipice" - Those were the days :D 



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Amazingly some of us are

Amazingly some of us are still standing

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Pretty easy...


© Ground

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and fondly recalled

and fondly recalled