It was just a silly misunderstanding

but I wasn’t prepared for

the downpour on the camping trip


See, I was being told

there were several single ladies

& then being told to bring umbrella


And I thought

it was a wink wink

bring a couple condoms

bring an umbrella thing


so when the real rain came

I had a problem

A condom doesn’t do 

a Hell of a lot of good

under those circumstances.


But it’s really just as well

The kind of rain that falls from the sky

evaporates and dries up.


The stuff that wets you

the other way

sometimes sticks around

a lot longer than desired.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The follies of youth but we can laugh about it now.  In the end, I didn't catch pneumonia or any of the other kinds of problems on the trip.

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Condum Literature

Be prepared. Bring umbrella - that's a hoot.  :D slc



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Someone has to council the

Someone has to council the kids on how to survive in today's world.