In my dream

I hear a sweet melody

and I begin to discern

the lyrics to “Come As You Are.”


I’m compelled

to follow the sounds

and move closer

I Keep thinking

after 25 years

I’m gonna see Kurt again


and I draw closer

and I notice the voice

it doesn’t sound like Kurt


and I continue the pilgrimage

to the sweet song

and I begin to recognize

the visage of the singer


It’s not the face of Kurt Cobain

but Jesus of Nazareth.

He’s gently strumming the strings

of that acoustic guitar

and smiling sweetly

as he sings the song


and I awaken

with a blissful feeling

and the tune still stuck in my head

I feel certain 

it’s gonna be a good day.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some poems are dreams and some dreams are poems.

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allets's picture

JC as Kurt

Okay. JC on lead. I can see that (insert laughter here) slc



georgeschaefer's picture

Maybe Dave Crosby can take

Maybe Dave Crosby can take over the role of Moses next.  thanks for dropping by.