The old lawnmower

sat in the yard beside the shed

for several years.


It’s an old push mower

that became obsolete

but for nostalgic romance


the rust

and the squeaky wheels

do little

to detract the allure


A whiff of petrol in the air

and all I do 

is sit on wooden steps

awaiting precise moments

and clear thoughts


The last rays of sunlight

& the fragrance of cut grass

merely highlight

its place in the landscape.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I must like mowing the lawn more than I care to admit.  Otherwise, I'm possibly reflecting an unhealthy obsession.

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allets's picture

Fresh Cut Grass Obsession

We who used manual lawnmowers once upon a years and years ago, appreciate the rust and the vintage view of old faithful growing old grassfully. : ) Stella



georgeschaefer's picture

Maybe I can get Salt-n-Peppa

Maybe I can get Salt-n-Peppa to sing "push, push" while I'm mowing the lawn.  We can always dream.  thanks for stopping by.