Wallet stolen--
credit cards long gone.

Not enough dinero 

for the Tica bus.


Needing to get 

from the Nicaraguan border

to Liberia

scraping enough for the local bus.


There’s no A.C.

It’s SRO

Los Federales stop the bus.


They’re checking I.D.s
for illegal Nicaraguans.

I have my passport out

ready for inspection


But los Federales

just scoff at me 

and push me aside


They never discovered

how much I photograph

like Elmer Fudd.


I almost felt slighted

but apparently

I just wasn’t who or what

they were looking for.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

another based on a true story.  The names have been changed to protect the guilty.  The Tica bus is the bus for tourists and the well to do.  Without my wallet and dinero disappearing quickly, I had to ride the bus with the locals.

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We Take Freedom

for granted. A video view of non-constitiutional rights abroad. A friend was in Ghana and wandered around and found a room full of seim-automatic and automatic weapons. he was escorted back to his group.



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thanks for reading and

thanks for reading and commenting