Muslims were

actually the first

to distill liquor

nearly a thousand years ago.


For that alone

I’m forever grateful.


Of course,

they weren’t looking 

to come up with 

an enhanced drinking experience.


They were distilling

to create

explosive devices.


Move forward

a couple centuries later

and some goofy Europeans

decided to try drinking

the distilled spirit

and they said, 

“Hey, you know something. . .”


and the rest,

as the pundits say, 

is history.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm still researching the subject.  There are actually claims of older distilled spirits so I may have to make a correction later on.

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Neanderthals Invented Alcoholic Beverages

It made cave dwelling tolerable. Off to get a martini descended from arabic states trying to blow things up. For my glassful, I say they were right on the 21st century's mark. Theirs probably did not blow up either. And the rest, as they say, will be history. :D

psst: Actually, I gave up distillates a few years ago.



georgeschaefer's picture

I'm aware that fermented

I'm aware that fermented beverages go back a few millennia.  Actually distilling of liquor is a more recent process.  It made those wimpy 6 and 7 percent beverages into something much more potent.

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I assume you make a distinction between distilled alcohol and fermented alcohal.  ____  Stephen

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Technically, liquor should be

Technically, liquor should be distilled.  Fermented beverages go back a few thousand years.  I believe mead is the first fermented beverage to exist.  thanks for reading and commenting.