all the time

I listen 

to them speaking.


They rant & rave

about their jobs,

their lives and their wives.


They blather on

about politics,


the horror of millennials

and modern life.


I can follow little of what they say

They’re like intellectual tsantsas


The shrunken thoughts

from the shrunken brains

inside their shrunken heads

just leaves me cold

with little to no empathy.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

tsantsa is a term for shrunken head.  This is a process that was used by Shuar Indians from the Jivaro tribes in Ecuador and Peru.  I know a lot of people that have managed to shrink their own heads without using this process.

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The Last Time I Saw A Shrunken Head

No, that was a prop in "The Naked Jungle". I tend to befriend folks with really big heads - the opposite - really big brains and thoughts just squeeze out the pores along with the ego and the narcissism and the meisms. Shrunken ears would actually be the cure for that. :D & : ) slc



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thanks for dropping by.  They

thanks for dropping by.  They had a few authentic tsantsas on display at the Mutter Museum here in Philly.  It disturbed me enough to require a poem.  thanks for dropping by.

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Interesting. --- Stephen


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thanks for reading

thanks for reading