Thought I were dead

he did;

an old school chum

greeting me with shock.

“Wow, George Schaefer.

I thought you would

be dead by now.”


Some deaths take forever

so what can I say?

I guess

much like Mark Twain

rumours of my death have

been greatly exaggerated.


but I guess

it is a shock

to some

to see a figment

of their adolescence

in the flesh.


a reminder 

of what they wuz

what they coulda bin;

a shocking nostalgia trip

no one really wants

to go on.


All of which is fine

as far as

I am concerned.

I have no plans 

of checking out yet
but they can think what they will.


And of course
they will

think what they will.

Dead or alive

I’ve always been

able to see that much.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

25 year old poem--not quite as good as 25 year old scotch.

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allets's picture

Hilariously Presented

Is the conjugation of the verb phrase "what they wuz" "what they be"? I should be dead by now, so I can understand your old chum's point. The good die young and old cus poets live foevah! Fun write - poems are ageless. Thank you for sharing this write. - slc