The sun is shining

Mandolin players pickin'

Give me a "Del yeah!!"


The train whistle sounds

4:15am freight train

disrupting my sleep


Potamac River 

curving around the fairgrounds

alongside mountains


iced coffee cooling

overactive sweat glands 

waking me back up


the smoke from charcoal

flits with anticipation

for moonshine soaked fruit


puddles are forming

in the mud tracks imprinted

by a pick up truck


The flies are a drag

but at least they ain’t biting

and drawing first blood


That dobro player

really accents the night air

filling it with song


another freight train

rollin’ thru Allegany

still hauling commerce.


The fiddle player

has the crowd up and stompin’

I’m feeling no pain.


High, lonesome singing

gone on past the midnight hour

filling souls with hope.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Series of haiku written while attending Delfest in Cumberland, MD

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My mom use to speak of the Patomic River. There was a time when I was quite young that we lived around those parts. Course, I woudn't remember much. But your haiku series made me think of mom and smile. Thanks for that.

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