This song never gets old

But your conversation does.


“This song never gets old.”

I hear you telling the person 

on your other side.


We’re listening to “Can’t You See”

and an old fogey

has to ruin it

with the standard old fogey complaint:


“This song is a classic.

Everything new sucks.  

It’s all forgettable.”


I can remember a day
when even older fogeys

were making the same rip

on his favorite tunes.


I remember when Tom Petty

was a pedestrian rocker.

I remember when the Clash

and the Talking Heads were

called disposable by fogeys.

You are right about one thing.

This song may never get old

but you damn sure have.

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In Defense Of Old Foggeys

There is no defense. Each generation descries the next as too outside norm to be valid and then, like rap and rock, darn it, it becomes validated and adopted world-wide. AC/DC fan at 68 - go figure. Oldfoggism: a dying philosophy. :D



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Of course, I am working on a

Of course, I am working on a companion piece called Young Whippersnappers.  They can be obnoxious in their own right, too.