Favorite Song

Dusk's Rule

Hearing the rumbling beats, sweet melody, 

To rescue from now into past remedy, 

Favorite song of ages gone, play again,

Inspiring words back into the pen.


Your song may sound different to old ears,

Hearing more than before other years,

It is a sweet embrace of memories,

To sweep away current daily worries.


Never is there a song loved by all,

No such mark that everyone is enthralled, 

There is the meaning and irony now, 

For such work, brilliance, take a graceful bow,


But know the importance of what follows,

Step out of the distorted, dark, shadows,

And know that there is no such ideal song,

To be anything else than you is wrong,


Free yourself from the false advertisements,

Impossibly great goals are punishments, 

To songs so beautiful that only need, 

To be their own favorite songs, please heed:


Matters not if you are a favorite song,

Only that you are your own favorite song. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's nice to be loved by others, to have others believe you are attractive, smart, strong, whatever positive comments that come your way, but unless you can be comfortable with yourself, happy with yourself, then it is much harder to love yourself.  Not everyone is going to notice your traits---you are you own art, you can change yourself, but be happy with yourself.  

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To Attain Contentment

First, one must be happy with themselves - love themselves, be friends with themselves. tht is how joy continues. :D