Lifelong Dreams & Nightmares


Time is frozen into that smallest time,

Where my mind wanders to dreams and nightmares,

Alone in thoughts, separated by time,

Shadows creep from within damned despairs,

Pop the pills and talk therapy today,

Anxiety and add depression,

some depersonalization, 

It's all I can do just to give and say,

What binds, cracks, decays, and gives a dark way,

Lost the one path that shone so brightly, 

Magic and transcendence seems far gone, 

That hopeful sight and once bright dazzling dawn,

Enters now back again to the dim dusk,

Receding back to the blankness of time,

the old, cold journey, carelessly--climb. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You have to channel it all somewhere, don't you?

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is a great word! - Lady A -