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Southern Nevada

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I enjoy writing poems, Nascar,NFL, Antiques,Collecting Bears & Dolls.Love going for walks where there is lots of trees and streams. Long rides in the car can be fun as well. Spending time with friends. Love small dogs & cats both of which I don't have apt rules but would love there company!

I'm a Mom of 3 great guys! Very proud of them. There all doing well and fine. They've got better cars than me "Brats" LOL. I take 1 day at a time and enjoy seeing my kids grow and become good strong men! We need more of them! Finally made it out of the west! I am loving everyday with the green trees,colorful birds,squirrels & SNOW! Oh! Can't forget the deer! Love my family and miss them. Mom I love you & miss you everyday!.

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It's a inny hehe but shhhhh! Don't tell everyone.

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From now and until the end, you'll always have me as your friend.


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