Black Hearted Woman (song)

Woman I've told you time and time again,
Leave me 'lone babe, I'm already livin' in sin.
Your long black flowing hair is as dark as your soul,
You took my poor heart and you pierced a hole.

They say you've been runnin', runnin' 'round town,
See you makin' house calls, makin' my heart a frown.
You've mistreated me both day and night,
I don't want you anymore woman, get out of my sight.

I'm done with your games, I'm not your toy to play,
You're comin' back for more, listen to what I've got to say:
You're actin' so sweet, but baby I can tell,
When you're through with me I'll be praying for hell.

You're cryin' tears won't get you anywhere,
Stop beggin' and pleadin', woman I swear,
I see the devil in you leading young men to their graves,
I'll put an end to it all, I'll not be one of your slaves.

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omg awsome! I could hear the

omg awsome! I could hear the beat and song. You should so make it in a song, like play it.


FlamingSquirrel's picture

Thank you very much! It is

Thank you very much! It is much appreciated:) I actually played/sang this song at my school talent show the other day and won first place!