What is love?

What is love?
Is love the way you say their name?
When it rolls gently off the tongue, its sound caressing your ears?
Or is it when their smile lights up your day and later as you recall
How they carried a glow around them; soft, warm, and inviting;
And you think to yourself that this memory will remain forever?
Perhaps love is how your heart longs to see them?
To be with them forever and hold them closely in your arms?
When your heart races as you think of them
And you can never seem to stop thinking about them?
Love may be all these things, but for me,
Love is when her ice-cold hands against my cheeks
Warm me up right down to my soul; A kind of warmth that never fades.
It's when you can close your eyes and smile
Because you can still feel her loving touch.

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You truly have a way with words, Keepn up the writing... Looking forward to reading more... Thank you for sharing...