shimmering light bending sight
neither dark nor bright
an odorless smoke boxing me in
suspended water drowning me in blindness
sounds come muffled, leaves rustled
under duress the sound breaks onto my conscious mind
yet still my sight is blinded
a fool wanders where he cannot see
the dead stay where they should not be
stumbling forth I see a shadow loom
in the earthly gloom it leers from behind a tree
reaching out across my path
do I descend in the forest or risk its wrath
I stop is it just shadows of my subconscious
wraiths drawing me further on wards
what awaits in the mist just out of sight
my mind says fight but my legs say flight
my bowels turn to water inside me
my heart races as does the gazelles that see's a predator
In my head I see me racing towards the shadow
then the world is spinning over under over under
I lay at last the bottom of a muddy slope looking up
the sky limitless in its milky haze
I cannot see the crest of the hill lost in porous embrace
The path lost to me as I ran from the shadows
a cowards stupidity fleeing to safety
from danger into danger
a deep ravine holds me in its embrace
A wall of darkness on both my sides
a slippery slope that yields not to me
oozing the forests saliva crested by looming teeth
shadows reaching endlessly into clouds on earth
a tongue of water at my feet beckons me on
the bottom is where I am and down is the only way I can go
I follow the trickling sound of the forests laughter
the melody sweet and full of foreboding
the innocence of the stream into the bosom of it estuary
where a bigger shadow awaits in the belly of the lake
Little pebbles loose underfoot try to take me down
a little quicker than my wavering legs will go
suddenly the ravine shrinks to shallow ditch
in front of me as far as the mist will let me see
is the blackness of the waters end
I see a ripple moving outwards in rings
the rings only come towards where i stand
the blinding vapor takes the rest
I sit upon the shore awaiting the arrival of the waves
I look up and see the figure of a woman upon the water
floating undisturbed upon the deathly silence
behind her superlative figure grows the glimmer of light
has she dragged the light upon me
saving my worthless hide from the tears of doom
as darkness recedes, daylight proceeds
the sun's rays evaporates the dew
Shadows replaced by vivid colors
the creature becomes a statue of marbled beauty,
to be honored and marveled at from the bank
the formless prison recedes on all sides
showing the beauty of the nature
rays of life bringing warmth seep through the canopy
the teeth of the beast sprouting beautiful hews of all shades
the blackness of the lake sparkles like living diamonds
the mighty willow drapes over her a modest dress worthy of a queen
the sun rises proudly above the trees decimating the morning mist
I look around astounded at the beauty I could not see
the sounds of life I could not hear
With tears of joy I plunge into the lake to give thanks to my lady
the foolishness of a man who did not learn from his mistakes
who did not give thanks to the one whom saved him
who only saw what was displayed in front of him
In the belly of the lake I reside
everyday looking upon that sublime figure
here lies the bones of many
and awaits the bones of many more to come
every night I sleep in darkness thinking of what is to come
every morning I awake to a splash from the shore
Upon my marble mistress I serve my hate
and one day she will join me in these depths
for the deaths of many she has bought and sold
for the shadow that resides in the belly of the lake.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

any and all feed back is welcome, I write so that you may enjoy and hopefully be inspired.

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A bit dark

This is a long one for you. A bit dark, but I enjoyed all the cryptic symbolism.

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thank you friend, been

thank you friend, been feeling like that recently. sometimes things just need to be written.

The darkness outside is not so frightening as the one inside. Behind knowing smiles and crocodile tears we hide our fears.


Being angry at someone is to give them power over you, but to forgive is to take away that power.