Timeless ache

Your freckles

Your smile

My god its been a while

To long has passed

Since i saw you last


My bones ache for you

My soul craves for you

My mind wants to forget you

My body never will


My memory betrays me

Your love wont desert me

The ache gnaws relentlessly

Days to years

Happiness to fears

You left me

Why wont your memory


Leave me in peace

Let me forget

Erase my mind

My minds eye blind


Day and night we did fight

So why did it feel so right

Tears dried for years

Ill take these emotion to my bier


Im a shell

A shadow

In living hell

Held by your spell


Dont you know 

Dont your care

That in life

I dwell in despair


I loved you then

I love you still 

Always have and always will



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Where the river of love has

Where the river of love has run, there is always a deep furrow in the landscape – when it dries up. The only thing to do is lament, and pray for a greater love – to erase the furrow.