My mother's red van

My Mother's red van is 19 years old. It is a very big and outdated van, but is my mother’s van. My Mother named it “The red”, and all the friends and family know it. The big red van describes how conservative my mother is, but also how careful she is. She will never leave the red van. The big red van breaks down very often, she has changed a lot of parts through these years and she has spend a lot of money in it. This van has a sad story; it was a present for my mom after a car accident. In the accident she lost very important things and she had to stay in bed for 3 months. My father gave her the opportunity to select a new car and she selected the big red van. Since that day no one has been able to separate my mother of the red van. The big red van is the only car in my house; we have lived many stories in that van. It is very famous in my city. My mother is always out with the van, here to there, there to here, the big red van doesn’t stop in all the day. The red van has been in my house since before my little brother was born; now my brother also drives the big red van. When my mother is worried or something is going bad, she says that she only has to drive the big red van. The big red van gives my mom all the peace, happiness and comfort that she wants. Van’s color is not just red; the van has gray at the bottom and red at the top. Some people say, like my father, that the design is very outdated, but when my mother had to paint it again she didn't want to change it, she selected the same color and design. Fast or slow, the van goes as my mother wants. Each day the big red van goes through the entire city to leave my father in his job. Then the van accompanies my mom to the supermarket and grandparent's house. After the lunch, in the afternoon, the van doesn't rest, it continues with my mom till the night comes. Red and gray, the big van and my mom stay together all the day. I can't imagine my mom without the big red van; I can't imagine my mom through the city with another car. The big red van is part of our family essence, is unique in our city and makes us unique too. My Mother's red van is not hers is part of her. Fast or slow, the big red van will continue with us.


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This is a prose poem for my English class! :)

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Nice exercise. ~~A~~

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