Listen Deep..

Free Flow

The sound of his voice echos through the clouds
As the rain pounds the earth washing us clean
For it is his blessing that reigns supreme
Bound in his glory, we should surly praise
The clouds from on high, our souls he just saved
Stretch your arms wide and give a stranger a hug
Feed them
Clothe them
Pray for them
Leaned a helping hand
Where we are weak
God makes us stronger
Nothing can tear us down
Make us fall from glory
Bow to the earth and listen deep
You can hear the sound of his feet
Bloody and pierced
Yet he gathers his sheep
Letting no one go a stray
Letting no voice go unheard
He answers you when you call out to him
So why dont you heard his crying
In the midnight hour, weeping for our souls
Never turn deaths ear upon us
Even when we know we may deserve it
Forgiveness, He screams from his loins
The way to heaven is through our Praise
Listen deep, to the sound of his love
As the sky fills with a thousand white doves
Breathed from Glory
Praises we must sing
Praises to the heavens
As His soul listens deep

(c) 2012 Cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry Covington

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