He Underestimated Me..


Collaboration Shequita Phillips & Evolutions of poetry

Black woman we are sexy smart
don't take no stuff
we be the baddest women of all times
we are real woman not fake women
who's love is supposed to be taking for granted
our love is pure down to the core
love when we women love
we love hard and strong
we give all of ourselves to love him
but he doesn't recognizes how deep love is

It's a true testimony
How love can turn so ugly
The times have changed
So bitter sweet
How can I look you in the eye
When falseness is all I see
You thought i was weak
That tells me you under estimated
The power of my women hood
Bitten by the love viper
Don't make no mistakes
I am strong at will
A powerful Virgin
Out to hunt my pray and kill

Shattered dreams you thought you could walk all over my heart
love was the key you had and you threw it all away
taking my love as if it was a joke
taking my kindness for weakness I am strong
you took my love for granted
so now your all alone now your bitter
cause you under estimated my love
now I'm out the door

Pounding the pavement looking for another
Hoping you can score to fill the void
As my venom runs deep with in you
You realized your hooked
So you come looking for a quick fix
Oh hell naa you been shook
Struck down in the street
Like the dog you are
Looking poor mouth and lonely
Why because you need a taste of this
From the same woman you choose to dismiss
Yeah right, I feel your pain
Paying you no damn mind
As i watch you go insane

Yeah I know you stuck looking like a dam fool
cause you wiped begging me to come back to you
you underestimated my love trying to be a pimp a player
begin the dog that you are so I'm ghost in the wind you never see me weeping again
you choose to dismiss me out of your life
now your going insane from the loneliness you feel
you had it made but you choose to dismiss me
so I'm gone away
now you looking like a fool lonely and broken hearted

Are those tears I see, boy stop playing with me
You talked so much shit, I never knew you had a heart
Now you crying, are you down on your knees
Boy get the hell up and stop begging,
There is no return on this train ticket
Didn't you hear the conductor
All abroad, sure doesn't mean i'm going backwards
So just suck it up and let it go
Please go play with your little whores
You know the ones who always kept you company
When you stayed out all night cheating on me

You say baby I love you but you never stop to think
about that shit when you lefted me home alone
you out all night long cheating with the sluts
I'm moving forward not looking backward
your crying which I don't feel sorry for you
moving on this train I'm gone

I see your remissness about what attracted you to me
If i remember correctly, it was my strong will and integrity
But you made your choices to mistreat me
And I am making a choice to remove you from my life
Dropping all the dead weight and worthlessness
I know I deserve better and yes i will have it too
So stop begging im out of your life
For good and forever
You should have never underestimated my love

(c)2012 Shequita Phillips & Cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington