Wet Dreams....


I`m looking for that new shit
Yes that right shit
Got me going coo coo for cocoa puffs
You know dat brutha
Who don't mind putting it down
He`s not afraid to make me scream his name
Have me biting my lip
Screaming pull my hair
Telling him to
Slap my ass Daddy
Cause you taking me there

Do you know who he is
Yeah that one who don`t eat happy meals
He needs a Big Mac
Or should I say a Double Deluxe Quarter pounder
No fires with that please
He knows just what I need
He may not be 6`9
May not be built like Hericlues
But he aims to please me
In every way
Got me touching my toes
Doing hand stands and back bends
Damn that boy is great

He comes Super deluxe
Superbly delicious
In all the right places
Has me tongue lashing
And back scratching
A wild man
Straight out the mutha fucking jungle
Shit Tarzan anit got nothing on this brutha
I ask you once again
Do you know him
Because It`s a five alarm fire
Every damn time he shows up

You must have misunderstood me
Did I say his name was Tyrik
Damn I'm so messed up
The bruthas got me feening for more
Just one more round
Damn I love it when he goes downtown
Hitting those deep curves
Like a surfer
Hitting those high waves
As he got me screaming his name
Pat me down daddy
Fill me up
Until my joy cup
Runs over
As my sheets bare the essences of your presence
This is one dream I will keep on repeat

(C) 2012 Cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry Covington

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