Free Flow

There is no substitution for life
It is the air we breathe
The tears we shed
The sound of a baby crying
Fresh out her mother's womb
The sound of anger that fills the air
Miss guided happiness within a family
When a child is raped by her father
Molested by her teacher
Or abused by her brother
Life can deal you a harsh hand at times
Life has so many different meanings
Some filled with happiness
Others filled with lies and deceit
Life is sometimes just are hard to understand

When you look at me what do you see
My pretty smile
My beautiful hair
The beautiful person i have become
Well I blame it on Life
You see life is not as easy as it may seem
There are so many boulders
Holding down our dreams
Once we look deep in the mirror
We start to open our eyes and see
The just harsh reality of life
Where we have come from to get where we are
Broken down by society's fads and misfortunes
Telling us if we are not a certain size shape or color
We don't really matter
But i call life a lie to his face
I am who I am
Simple because i love life
Simply because i love me
My ambitions for greatness
Push me pass the hollow dreams
Of what society thinks of me
You see the love in this life
Starts with in me and im not afraid
To call it just how it seems
Life can be a top notch bitch
And thats no lie
But its how you handle it
That makes you a top notch queen

So i ask you what life to you is
There is no need to look at me sideways
Or turn your nose up
If you’re not happen in your life
Please take a look around you
Maybe its the company you keep
Holding you back from achieving your destiny
I could never understand why the strong run with the weak
But I guess everyone needs a fall back guy
To take your mind off your pain
And focus on theirs
In hopes that it makes you feel better

But the true reality is
Life isn't going no where
She will be sitting here waiting
While you let her pass right own by
She want hate you for it
But she will remind you every chance she gets
Where you could be now
What you could have been doing
While you were out letting no good people
Pull you down
By filling your head with crazy mess
Telling you that you'll never amount to anything
While you’re weak self esteem
Allows them to dig deeper and deeper
Until you find yourself lost and wondering
Where the hell I went wrong
In this so called thing
That I call my life

Life is a petition for greatness
You have a choice to change the bad into good
You have a right to live happy
But it must start within you
Trust me I know the road
Are never easy to travel
But we can choose to weather the storms
We can choose to let the boulders weigh us down
Or we can push them to the side and keep moving
We must remember we live in a world filled
With jealousy and envy
Haters come in packs
Even more malicious than when we were kids
Our children have to be taught to love themselves
From deep within
To look past the shallowness of ignorance
And smile in the faces of their adversaries
For showing them our weakness gives them Power
And in this life our power belongs to us

I guess the only true miss fortune in life
Is not Having God in your life
Not understanding that he can make things so much easier
If your faith is strong enough to believe
Life is suppose to be filled with love and happiness
But yes we have to goo through life's lessons
In order to reach where we want to be
Remember to never push away those who come to help you
But always remember not ever friend is meant to be close to you
Often we open up to the wrong people who often in return
Just wants to misuse and abuse us
Do you want your life to mean something?
Well this is a wake up call
If you haven't found your way in this life
Now would be a great time to start
We are never going to be Prefect
God has that spot filled
But we can live a life full of abundant happiness
If we are willing to work hard and strive for greatness
Stop letting others steal your thunder
Get rid of those so call wanna be friends
And start loving yourself stronger
Get to know yourself and love what you have to offer
There is nothing wrong with being different
That’s what makes living life so beautiful

©2012 Cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington