A Families Cry for Justice...#TrayvonMartin

Free Flow

Excuse me for a second
While i catch my breath
Our son is dead
Shot down in the street
For wearing a hoodie
And being a young black man
Are you telling me
He dont deserve justice

Who was he hurting?
No one!
What crime was he committing?
Being black is not a crime
So why is our son laying dead

I can still hear his screams
Just as you heard them
As he screamed for help
You looked him dead in the eye
And then you shot him
You took away our hero
Did you think we were just going to let that go

Trayvon risked his life to save his father's
From a burning house
Where he could have easily died
But God spared him
Only to have you
A racist muther f#$%
To come along and snatch our child's life
From him like a thief in the night

May God have mercy on your soul
But we will not go quietly
So hear our voices sing
Justice for Trayvon Martin
Gunned down for being black
You will not rest in peace
Justice must be served
Our son did not die for nothing
Trust me
The world sees you George
We know what you did
Why do you think the sheriff
Stepped down
Because he sees your guilty frown
Justice will be served

You can't hide for ever
Because you conscious
Is you judge
And i hope it make you pay the ultimate price
Save us all the trouble
Just pull the damn trigger George
Because you could have
Spared us the grief of loosing our son
We want go away Quietly
His cry will not be silenced
He begged for his life
Now we are begging for Justice

Racism is a reality
Our black men live with daily
Beaten down like a dog in the street
Why do they keep doing this Shit?
What is it that scare them so much?
About a black man,
His skin color
Or your ignorance
Of thinking that we all cause trouble

We live and learn to adjust to your cultures
We educate ourselves and our children
So that we can have a better chance of living
But what good does it do if all you see is skin color
Blinded by your fears and assumptions
Watch us closely as we rally together
Standing in line screaming for Justice
Trayvon we heard your screams
They want go away quietly
We will continue to fight
Justice for Trayvon Martian

Lord hear my cry
Cause I saw the hurt in his mother's eyes
Overwhelmed with pain and disbelief
To hear her young son's screams
For help..
They don't go unheard
My heart goes out to your family
As I scream Loud & Proud
Justice for Trayvon Martin

(c) 2012 Cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry Covington

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(note: These are not the personal views of Trayvon Martin’s family, I was compiled to write something after watching the Anderson show today)