You're a seamless finding,

Slowly gliding  down a tender face.

My blood legion,

Constantly dreaming of a better fate.

Sleep beside me,

Tame and remind me to levitate.

 Your slouch beanie,

Spilled martini on an open plate.

Faint whispers,

 New York hipster s in a massacre.

 Red nail polish,

Shaped and demolish then hesitate.

 Your pierced ear,

Makes you hear clear.

Blood stains,

Never meant pain to you my dear.

In my mind I can no longer find,

A safer place.

You're chasing cosmos, 

Through empty bottles.

Nine tints of grey,

Gravitating, patiently waiting.

You're your family's third attempt,

 The name's twisted and bent.

Your dreams are velvet,

But your hopes are melted.

Your finger tips,

Are pistol whipped.

You're constantly writing,

Hopelessly finding.

Though I can't help you,

I become a distant memory.

Your ink stained palms, 

Prove that it's meant to be.


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