Belittled Faces in the Sun


I'd begin to touch your sienna eyes-

As you stuttered, no.


The concepts,

In your mind must have fluttered-

Right on by, when my blood went cold.



You've seen the passion that once laid-

In these brittle bones.


Welts that made them proud,

Well, there's no more swells in your brow-

That need showing off.


You're torn down by it all.

Yet my fingers you shall hold.


Where's your innocent relief?

You're barely 10, but you can see-

I'm worn down.


A child cannot die-

If his faith is still alive.

Though he possesses all these damages-

There's love behind the bandages.


We sing out the melodies-

Battered children need a remedy.

The subtle dread that filling him-

Is a norm that never ends.



I have seen enough to realize.

That the whimpering of my fellow man-

Is a sign that this will come again.


I'm worn down by it all.

I'm torn down by it all.


Take my worry my soul-

Take my systematic woes.


I'm toned down.


Ladled with your sin,

These young faces are rusted in crimson.

I'm worn down.

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Nice Vocabulary of Images

"...I'm toned down//Ladled with your sin..." iare two fine lines - Stella



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Thank you :)

Thank you :)