No Return

Cross the

event horizon


No return from

the abyss 


Gate of hell

into the fires


Inter dimensional

portal to your nightmares


Here there is no peace 

or rest for your soul 


I am revenge;

there is no escape from my hate


You crossed over 

where is there is no law 


No one to protect you

from my anger 


You will burn

and I will torture your soul as you tortured others


I will crush your wicked black heart 

with my bare hands and it rip out of your chest


I will rip your lying tongue out of your mouth

and make you swallow it


The process will be repeated over and over again 


You will know the true meaning of the word "hell"


Just as you made life hell for others


Your new existence will become a living hell


An eternity of never ending punishment and suffering 


Lets put you on the rack 


and hear you scream!!!


Now the tables are turned


Now your in hell!!!!









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