Dark Spider

Arrested development

stillborn in the womb

of life; stunted growth,

aborted into the world

to live in the blood


Inhibited by these trivial lusts,

swimming in this sea of sperm,

ejaculating the time that passes

away; evaporating the sun


Masks melt,

disguises are meaningless to my eyes;

ink bleeds through the paper

onto my skin


No fooling the fool,

my eye sees all,

my hated burns,

the magic within


Obiliteration of lies,

spiders cannot entrap

another; my web spins,

I hide in the shadows


Waiting to strike,

biding my time,

becoming stronger,

conserving the fire


Despising those who have

and take for granted my lusts;

crawling on the wall,

invisible to them.


Night, my face,

darkness my skin,

no rest for the wicked,

no hope of redemption.


Creeping, crawling,

up the walls,

spinning the web,

sucking out the blood. 



 A spider 

Impregnating its victim with Venom,

birthing death,

offspring of hell.








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