ruins my corpse



bleeds out of 

my veins

painting the flesh

in shame


A distracted mind

clouded in darkness,

nihillistic hopelessness


A world consumed by fire,

coping is difficult when you are

aware of your own lack of control


To beast or not to beast that is the question,

engaging in your own vain desires,

which only lead to your dissatisfaction


Outcast of society,

no friend, no foe

but yourself


Waging this internal war

two armies,

one body


Devil and angel,

utter contradiction

of soul


Whose side i'm on

I don't know


Black and white,

sun and moon,

belly of the beast


No hope of escape,

pulled into the black hole,

Jonah makes his home in the whale


Rotting inside,

slowly digested,


A cannibalized mind,



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"Waging this internal

"Waging this internal war


two armies,


one body"


good imagery & interesting sentiment, altho dichotomy is a phase 1 learning.