You've Never Tasted Desperate

You fools in the media 

and other fools of high society

are so arrogant and ignorant

of what it means to truly be desperate


You don't know shit about America,

America is not first,

your ego is first,


As long as your money bags are full

you do not care what happens to the people

of this country. 


You liars in the media will continue to brainwash 

millions with your bullshit; your racist and sexist

genda is blantantly obvious


You democrats claim to care about African Americans

and other minorities but really you just want their

vote to stay in power and to control the country


You don't give a shit about anyone but your selves. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm sick of liars who can stare at a tv camera and lie with a straight face and smile at you like a bunch of psychopaths. Fuck these pieces of shit. Don't pay attention to these whores. Republican or democrat. They are all scum.

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