How Dare You Ruin My Planet! [For Shame]

torching earth, giant marshmallow

is this truly appetizing, the fires lit,

water rising

penguins sweating on icebergs armadaed

polar bears migrating into history's cold oblivion

air stifling

ground arid

the bones of technology littering a skeletal land

subdued descendants descending

lasting into simplicity

never to play with matches ever again

sated with the bones of our ignorant ledger

an accounting gone awry

as the skyscrapers tumble

crops wither

markets close

our seeds scatter

this is where we are

torching the castle never worked

revolution isn't learned from

histories eroded of any meaning by anyone

fictions spread by the billions

into fact

truths of comfort

of denial

of fear of the sudden

realization of the end of everything

a barbeque of tradition

for the sake of continuance


pariahs in the face of a staggering reality

pi in the sky

fish-hooks in the air

total abyss of knowing

our Bolshoi and our Dada unkempt,

hair of Man ratted and torn asunder

by the proximity of the horror

our own pitiful and cruel miniscule

awareness, our need

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please do what you can to keep climate change from affecting YOUR neighborhood!

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