The Richest Poet in the World


Professional poet?

I would hope not.

My scribblings are just that.

I have one book out to my name

(not to mention a 75-issue run chapbook back in the early 90's)

that hasn't sold a single issue,

and a small history of this area

would show that I did


have a few pieces published here and there

that a few people might have read, yeah.


Heh heh

that makes me laugh.

I would encourage anyone I know to not make distinction

or grade poets

in any way.

The poems are not the poets themselves,

they spring from our hands

like gold from a fusion torch.

I like most poetry I read,

and would hesitate

to say

any poem

was better

than any other


Author's Notes/Comments: 

From a comment someone once made. You know who you are.  And, yes, I do like your work.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Very expressive piece. Although I believe some poet's writings are more stronger than others. But then again, you really can't judge someone's feelings...