Crack Shot Jerome

12 years old

Fingers long enough to hold a gun

Jerome is so bad a real man

Sirense wailing up the avenue

Stuffs the cash into his pockets

Stares again at the sucker's body

Straddling the shadow behind the tenement

"Let's go!  Let's go, brother!" he hears

Funny, heard that before the gunshot

"Let's go, nigger!  Let's go, mutha!"

Jerome is so bad a real man

Sirens screaming accusing

Blood pounds in his head

Oh, that crack

The sucka's not moving

Red lights blue lights

Drops the .22

"freeze, kid!  Stop shaking..."

"Where's your mother?"

"You on that crack-rock, boy?!"

"Hey, Charlie, better call the medics..."

"There's his gun... Looks D.O.A."

Jerome is so bad a real man

Sirens fading scene silent vacant

Chalkline drops of blood

He sizzles in the back seat

12 years old

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