Falsity (A World In Which One Can Conspire To Murder Oneself)


Jezebel of toads,

crying rivers

of neglected internet youth,

decrying ambiguity,

eschewed of responses,


until the black dawn

of disconnectedness

fills every lie

with a bright


sparkle-ey truth.

Did you evict

them in Sodom,

before the ashes

eviscerated them in life,

fetal, fertile, foibles,

fee fi fo fum.

A cancer on lies,

the blind dogs of

desperate mindtheft:

so many have

been cut, bleeding

from their feet.

Run the river,

shooting along starry

causeway calamity,

affordable, postage-

pre-paid, Disney-like,

one size-fits-all halos,

a gavel in every man's

hand, shifting all blame,

meandering to the end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem relates to the story of the boy who did the big hoax in the uk, ending up convincing his internet best friend to attempt to murder him.

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