Silentcat Heartbomb

Neon social butterflydancing crystalalive

Sonic ballroom shudderdark silentcats

Roundways prowl earth ladder

Smile in lone longing pain

Nails intwined rasping hellos who-are-wes

Two liars touch each lusting

Manipulators see you later

Lovers dance shudderdark silentcats

Children decadent lie mud slither

Pit gnaw stomachache love affair

Kisses and kisses and kisses suckerpunch

Frying cooked seared scorched backed

Burnt in love marinade

Neon silentcat unlit

She's a tigress bloody red-eyed

Crystalalive so bleary bleary

Sonic ballroom explosive quiet

Exploited slach and burn your way

To the top of disillusionment

Dark crystalalive who-were-we

Kiss me kiss me kiss me atom bomb lips

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