Exquisite Ocean

Camel-driver of exquisite ocean

Sandwaves tower godlike above your steps

Moving power lace wind shows

Lost desert crosser

A side of life unseen

By paperpushers and moneylenders

Camel-driver of exquisite ocean

Under the sun,  broiling sister

Knows every grain of sand

Every footstep she burns upon

Shining sister knows no shadows

Utters mirage words

To rolling dunes

And your parched eyes

Camel-driver of exquisite ocean

Put one foot ahead of the last

And possibly think

Of where you've been

And where you're going

You have serenity in the dust

Under sister sun

By the oasis

In your dehydrated desert heart

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Rachelle Wiegand's picture

This is beautiful. I just loved it. Very Exquisite poetry.